Saturday, August 12, 2006

"We have a problem......."

Yep happy campers. You know it. For those sharp eyed readers - and surely someone out there is reading this at this hour?

The problem? Midnight here is most certainly NOT 11pm in Iraq. Already MY mission has hit a snag. Can you imagine a whole unit like me? Never mind - probably better that you don't. And don't even look over >>>>>>>>> at the bevvy of pom pom wavers . They are the in-house cheerleaders from Soldiers Angels? Don't you just LOVE tonight's line-up? Fluorescent pink? Or maybe you prefer the green? What was that? Enuff already about SoldiersAngels? ROFL...Get used to it - you gonna be hearing a LOT about them in the next little while...hey, you may even witness a brat and kat flyby? You've never seen one of those? Ohhhhhhhhh we have a treat in store for you. A certain medic (no not tonight's visiting medic - another one) has been witness to a few of our incredible synchro I am sorry - he is not allowed to talk about that (brat loves you medic and mrs medic, you know I DO!!!)and I CAN'T give you details - "need to know" and all that.

So - maybe we better synchronise watches, never mind flybys....It is now 1.15am here which means it is now ooooooooooh roughly HIGH noon over there....While it is a cool 12 or so degreees celcius here, there it is probably about 130 degrees farenheit....HOT DAMN HOT....... Anyhoooooooooo my most pressing mission here right now - walk the beast. I am now oooooffficially on the job. Sorry about the mixup there. Reporting for duty.. Sir YESSIR! This one's for you kiddo - WELCOME HOME HERO!!!!!!!!!! Auntybrat LOVES YOU - deal with that!!!


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