Friday, August 11, 2006

This one's for Aussie_Chic

Yep.....we have an aussie already some of you will know, Aussie is also a Soldiers' Angel. She signed on to do this with me...we also figured out that because her midnight comes before mine, OUR guys actually get more than 24 hours out of us. How cool is that? :)

To us, aussie chic and me, this is also our way of highlighting that this not just American heroes on the front lines in harm's way. This effort has sons, fathers, husbands, lovers, brothers, sisters, mums (and I'll tell you more about that later!!) from around the world. While Cindy-you-know who is bleating about not being able to find smoothies in Venice, around the globe, Angels who cannot afford to leave their home countries are quietly supporting, without fanfare, the soldiers who are also quietly, without fanfare, defending HER right to bemoan her lack of smoothies. Gotta love democracy.

I do not know every soldier's name - despite my 'best' efforts -( wink), in the same way that I do not know every Soldiers' Angel's name.... What I DO know is that we are all on this mission together. As one we are supporting each other, those known and unknown. Some of you regular readers of Kat's blog - (how many now? 6? lol)know that she and me are members of the Living Legends team at SoldiersAngels. Our job there - as I see it - is to reassure those families who have given their loved ones to this fight,that we honour their sacrifice, remember their sons, daughters, etc....I know I speak for Kat too when I tell you, that we KNOW every name we write, although unknown to us, represents a huge hole in someone's family.

We can never believe that our acknowledgement of their sacrifice in any way heals their gaping wounds of sorrow. But, as Soldiers Angels, wherever we are, be it Australia, Canada, England or America, we hold these heroes in the highest regard. That Angels and others around the world are joined as one in this Fast, and in the effort we give every day to our heroes, is our salute to them all. WE may not know their names BUT their families surely do, and God most assuredly watches over each of them. And for those families who have given up a hero forever to this battle, I KNOW God has welcomed each and every one of them with open arms. Heaven is another angel richer for their presence, as we are the poorer for their leaving us. God bless them all. "Some are living, and some are gone - In my life I love them all"..^j^


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