Friday, August 11, 2006

I am ready!!!!

As kat posted, tomorrow is the BIG day for me..and as I write this I JUST heard of 3 more of our heroes KIA in Afghanistan. They are withholding names right now but as kat knows, I have a few soldiers there....MY guys as I call em.... To say I am crushed, is an understatement. But I know this - this makes me more determined than ever about tomorrow...and yes, as kat also says, most of the troops in the war zones have no clue about the Fast - even though the brat is indeed quite infamous in certain circles "somewhere out there", I am sure not all know about tomorrow. And that's just fine with me...

Tomorrow kat has said I will be entertaining - sheesh no pressure ;) and I will try - that I have a few surprises in store for you, this is true...But we shall see how the day goes. I am soooo pumped for this. (and no - at a mere 110lbs I cant afford the weight loss but small compared to the losses our guys and their families have suffered)...I can now tell you, I have been biting what remaining fingernails I have down to my elbows. The son of one of our very own SoldiersAngels - no names for obvious reasons - has been frantically preparing - her son's unit has just made it here to the US....I talked to her this morning and he IS on home soil. In a day of such incredible sorrows for all of us - in ways I can never share with you all - this to me is one piece of wonderful, giddy news. This kid has been through hell and has returned to his mum, despite her oft-shared fears with me that he wouldnt make it. Suffice to say I have been praying with her, holding her across cyber space, and yes cheering her on...keeping the faith.

So yes - might be entertaining - it might be surprising but it WILL most certainly be for those lost today and in the past, and for all those safely returned to their family's love. Tomorrow is MY day to honour them in this small this space....... See you here.....


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