Friday, August 04, 2006

This is so tragic....

Brothers Die In Iraq, Afghanistan Conflicts

POSTED: 1:20 am EDT August 4, 2006

A memorial service was held Thursday for a U.S. soldier who died in Afghanistan a little over a year after his older brother was killed in Iraq. A military document says Army Spc. Andrew Velez committed suicide last month. Military officials and the soldier's father said Velez had been having marital problems. In 2004, Velez's older brother, Freddy, was killed when his unit came under fire in Fallujah, Iraq. Andrew Velez had escorted his older brother's body back to the United States. Velez's father said in spite of the loss, his son signed on for another six years in the military in March. Roy Velez said he was "in total shock" when his son, Andrew, told him he wanted to sign on again. Military officials said they are the first brothers to die in the two conflicts.

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