Monday, August 07, 2006

Memories & Milestones.....

Well, as I've said before, August is a difficult month this year. We are marching steadily towards August 16, 2006 -- the one-year anniversary of Sgt. Michael J. Stokely's death in Iraq. Though my hubby and I never knew him before he died, this anniversary still weighs heavy on my heart, because I've heard so much about him, I feel like I do know him - as best as you can know anyone second-hand, when they are gone. Suffice it to say, his life and his family are major, major inspirations to me.
David over at The Thunder Run has a heartwrenching post up this morning ~ it's an email that Robert Stokely, Mike's dad, sent describing his very last telephone conversation with Mike. Head on over there to read this beautiful, yet heartbreakinig, post. Be warned: Have tissues handy. You will need them. CLICK HERE. Please keep this family in your prayers in the difficult days ahead!!!!


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