Saturday, August 12, 2006


Awesome picture {{{{{{{{{{{kat}}}}}}}}}}..such a fun day....and "..spreading the news." almost enuff to make the brat do the high kick thing..but not quite...;)

Was over on Tanker Bros reading what Aussie Chic says she has been up to - that girl has been BUSY....and yes she is still hanging in with me, til we hit midnight Canadian time. You are amazing Mel...thank you.

While I was there I left a note too. One of the big reminders for me today, that I have been thinking about, is the knowing that not one of us is in this alone. I know sometimes Ausssie and me feel waaaaaay out of the main drag of activities. Today has proved - yet again - that the team is with us. Just as every one of the guys in the sandbox knows they have backup, so too do we in our mission. Thank you all.

Okaaaay - I am off to write letters. And yes - I KNOW Kat said I would be funny, witty, entertaining etc..the day is only half way done. Stay tuned.....Brat over and out to the water bottle at 1.15pm patti pacific time...that's a little "in" Soldiers Angels/Renegade Rail joke ;)


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