Saturday, August 12, 2006


<---- Mr. Moby & Kat, August 12, 2006 ================================= Howdy, y'all, it's Kat again, doing another quickie Soldiers Angels flyby! Just wanted to give you an update... Remember Operation: Happy Birthday Hero?! Well, I'm happy to announce that within the three or four days we had to GIT-R-DONE, approximately 42 Birthday Greetings were collected to send to our adopted soldier! dang... if I only had ten more, that woulda been one for every year of his life, haha! Oh well... My fault for not thinking of the idea in time! You will be happy to know that this morning I ran to the P.O. and shipped off the gift (pics of which I will post once I know he's gotten it...but not before in case he wanders by here!), all 42 email/snailmail greetings, and a special autographed CD with a song called "Thank you" by local musician Hank Brake. If you click HERE and visit my MySpace page (yes, I have one!) you can hear the Thank You song.... it's AWESOME and definitely a tissue alert. (Oh yeah, and many thanx to hubby for doing the cool layout on my MySpace page for me!)

Anyway, in other news, guess who I got to meet today???? None other than my favoritest DJ in the world, MOBY! Yep, the same one who read "The Silent War" on the radio a couple weeks back! That was an awesome thing!!! I'm awful shy in person, and couldn't think of too much to say to him, haha.... well, I did manage to get my picture taken with him, as you can see above, and he was kind enough to authograph some pictures for wounded Soldiers for me! As Moby says, YEAH BABY! And, of course, I did leave him with some flyers and information aobut Soldiers Angels and Adopt-A-Platoon that I printed off from their websites. :)

Well, guess that's about all for now... back to our regularly scheduling BratFest! :)~

Luv Ya AuntyBrat! :-)


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