Monday, August 28, 2006

Norris Update: Lookin' good!!

August 28, 2006
SFC Galatas Improving

Since we have been on Ward 68 Norris has been able to rest and get comfortable. We have "old friends" there who knew us last year and understand how critically he was injured. They are so supportive. He is able now to get up out of bed without much help...just slowly. With the Foley and the NG tube gone, it is much easier to get up and walk around. I have learned how to unhook everything so we can just get up and go without getting a nurse. (We are not supposed to do this, but everyone is so very busy....and the doctors want him walking as much as possible to get his intestines working.) He is stronger and is sipping ice water and eating ice chips. If he is not nauseated and tollerates this, then we'll get some Jello and broth. He is enjoying having friends come up and visit...Jeaninne and Valerie from the Family Assistance Center, Nancy from Occupational Therapy, Carrie from Physical Therapy, SGT Sean Taylor (155th BCT), and he is getting cards, letters and packages from friends from all across the USA. His brother George is visiting so I felt like I could leave him and run over to send this up-date. Ultrasound found no blood clots in his right foot...He is getting his oxygen level up...his heart rate is down and his blood pressure is OK...He gets hot and starts itching under the stretch binder and asks for Benadryl...If he can stay cool and keep the pain level low, he stays comfortable. He goes to sleep and doesn't push the "button" for his pain medication and then when he gets up and moves around the pain catches up....but his only complaint throughout this whole ordeal is that every morning at 5:30 AM the lab sends someone up to draw blood. They stick him twice at multiple sites and can't get they get a nurse to come in...same drill....this really hurts. They don't like to get blood out of the feet, but Nurse Pollard had to resort to that to get any. Maybe we can push that "button" and get a jump on the pain before they have to come up and stick him. God Bless nurse Pollard...she was the only one who could get any blood from anywhere. I am giving out coloring books to those who act like young man we haven't had yet said "How do I get one of those"..and I told him "You have to earn it". Thankfully, my list of angels is much longer that the "Charmin list"....God is going to watch over Norris. I am falling apart, but hope to catch up soon. I got 10 hours of sleep Saturday and that was it since Wednesday night. Norris has been NPO (nothing by mouth) for 5 days now. I hope to get him drinking some water tonight. The incision down his abdomen is stapled and looks great. He only has one opening...the ostomy hole...and they pack it with gauze. Thank you for all your prayers and support....just like April 19, 2005, God blesses Norris with angels and caregivers and works miracles to keep him recovering. He is not throught with Galatas yet. Bless you all. Janis


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