Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Never regret"

I received the following in my INBOX late last night....and am posting it here today as it seems somehow appropriate:

Never regret

If you choose not to make the very most of this day, then one
day you'll look back and regret it. One day you'll look back
on today, and wonder why you were so afraid to take action.

One day you'll look back on today, and wonder why you let so
many of life's minor inconveniences get you down. One day
you'll look back, and wonder why you couldn't have been a
little more disciplined, a little more focused.

What would you regret not doing, if you could look back on
today from ten years in the future? Now is your chance to
avoid that stinging regret.

What would you consider important about today, looking back?
What opportunities would be evident then, that might be
going unappreciated today?

A life of value and meaning is something you build over
time, not a jackpot that you win through luck or cunning.
Today is an opportunity to build that life you want, an
opportunity that will not come again.

Though it is impossible to know what the future will bring,
one thing is certain. You'll never regret making the most of
the day that you have right now.

Ralph Marston


Georgia Blogger