Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UPDATE, 10:35 A.M. EST

Well, as I write this, I am ten-and-a-half hours into my Rolling Victory Fast. So far, not too bad. I've been a little hungry, and no doubt will be hungrier later, but no matter. I know that if I ignore it long enough, the hunger will go away for a while... when it comes back again, I'll just ignore it and think of my adopted troops, and of Sgt. Mike Stokely, who I'm doing this fast in honor of. I'm on my second cup of French Vanilla coffee... one of the perks of working for a huge law firm is free coffee in a variety of flavors, and free soda. :) I'm very thankful for my coffee... If I had to stick to plain ole water during this fast, I'd truly go insane, haha!

The weather here in Atlanta is very overcast and hazy - not to mention, hot & humid. I had every intention of wearing my Victory Fast T-shirt under my suit today, but this morning when I got up... I changed plans because it was just too dang HOT!!! Imagine - T-Shirt, blouse, blazer... in 90-degree weather...ack! Of course, thinking about it now, that's a heck of a lot less than our troops have to suffer -- they get to put up with 130-degree weather, DCUs (that would be "Desert Camouflage Uniforms" if I remember my acronyms right!), 50 pounds of body armor, and all their gear, etc. Sheesh... and I couldn't handle one tiny extra layer of clothing?! Ack! OK, I'm a wimp! :-o I'll compromise and use my Rolling Victory Fast t-shirt for a nightshirt instead..... not nearly as noble as wearing it during the day... but at least I'll be wearing it. :-)

Big favor: everyone, please pray it does NOT rain early this evening - at least not in Loganville. It can rain all it wants to tonight, but from approximately 6:00 to 7:00... dry weather would be greatly appreciated... you'll see why later tonight - stay tuned!

PS -- In honor of Mike Stokely, I've changed the song on my blog, to "If Heaven..." by Andy Griggs for today. I may change it again to something else later on... not sure yet.


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