Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Got your back"

{{{{{{kat}}}}}}}}} Read your anniversary post. Made me smile - of course! A year ago for me? I had NO idea that 'blogs existed. Really I had noooooooo clue. Yet here I am writing on YOUR blog. It truly is a strange and wondrous journey this thing called LIFE. And yes girl - I am incredibly humbled that you offered me space here with you to do MY ramblings.

One of the expressions I have learned and now clutch to myself? "Got your back". Was talking to one of my beloved soul sisters the other week. We were discussing that expression. What does it mean?

As she and me talked - rambling around from topic to topic in our ongoing conversation (and dont you just love how with some people life IS just an ongoing conversation - no matter the spaces in between?) it came to me. "Got your back" is a complete thought - action, BUT for me it also gives anyone I say that to permission to look forward..I KNOW we have all said that : 'Oh I am soooo looking forward to.....'.....but as we talked, I pointed out to my friend that because I 'got HER back', she can totally focus on the path, the journey ahead. And I was thinking about all of us. If you have faith in a Higher Power (whatever name you choose for it) you really do free yourself up to live fearlessly, confidently looking ahead. If you totally 'look forward', the past has no power over you. Yes, we all have
coulda, shoulda, woulda's in our pasts, but how exciting to know that our pasts can only impact our present, our future, for the good, as WE choose!

In this past year, I have done lots of looking back, reflecting on what I have left UNdone, more than what I have DONE. Even so, during that process I have leaped into the future; be that future the next minute, the next day or even next year. Much to the dismay of many who love me, I tend to NOT think of next year - I refuse to make plans. I have come to know that a year from now is not for me to plan. Why would I plan when I have the greatest Planner known to humanity taking care of those far away details? That philosophy also frees me to totally focus on the now. As we have seen, those of us involved in SoldiersAngels..."life is what happens when you are busy making other plans".

Many of the troops and Angels I am now priviledged to know, those men and women who have become an integral part of who I am, have taught me so much. I am still a newbie at SA (I know I know seems like I have been there forever!) but I KNOW I was led there by a divine power. On May 1 2006 I had never heard of SoldiersAngels. On May 2 I signed on for this most amazing journey. And even reflecting back to May 2 as I do, I see how every step leads to the next. And here I am, now a semi-regular on this blog. Who knew?

But for me, even the fact that I am HERE is affirmation that my back IS covered. I truly am free to "look forward". And on this anniversary of Kat's blog, I am honoured to have each of you (all 6 readers was it Kat?!) on this path with me. We none of us can KNOW where this long and winding road will take us, but I resolutely "look forward" to whatever I may find on my way.

So let's all "look forward". There are so many adventures ahead. "I got your back".


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