Monday, August 21, 2006


Had my employment evaluation today, wherein I pitched the idea of a firmwide card collection drive for the troops for Christmas. They told me I could do it!!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!! *high fives all around* I'm SO excited and SO happy - this is a HUMONGOUS firm with several HUNDRED employees - this could be HUGE! I have to type up a full outline of the plan, etc., for the HR manager and in October, an email will be sent out seeking cards for my soldier and marine babies. :-) We'll put a big box in the main breakroom on the 27th Floor, and I think I'll have a box on my desk, as well (though I'm rarely at my desk, since I'm a "floating" secretary, haha), along with informational flyers people can take home to their churches/scout packs/etc.

Please start praying about this project NOW, that I get a good response! (And, if this is as huge as I think it is, prayers for postage $ would be appreciated, too, yikes! LOL!)


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