Monday, August 21, 2006

Not so bad after all!

Well, as you know, I have been seriously dreading my return to college, especially since I have to take icky online classes this time around (and I hate taking online classes!). Today was the first day of the semester (though the World Religions teacher "unlocked" the virtual classroom yesterday, so I got a head start on things there, hehehe!). I've been immersed in the wonderful world of Historical Geology, as well as reading how "the academic study of religions differs from being religious or practicing a religion." That was kind of common sense to me -- duh, it's pretty much like studying any other subject dealing with humans and their behaviors/societies. The religion class will go into the histories of several major religions (as well as a few "alternative" religions) and examine their core beliefs, as well as the lifestyles of people of these different faiths.

So far, I only have one lill gripe about the semester so far. As of this morning, all online classes were supposed to be ready to go & up & running, since TODAY is the first day of the Fall Semester. Well.... the online geology class has been "unlocked" for the students to get into.... BUT when you click on the link that says, "Fall, 2006 Syllabus," the SPRING 2006 syllabus pops up. Well, no biggie, really - same policies, etc. every semester pretty much. But when you click on the "Fall, 2006, Lecture Schedule" which contains the reading assignments, homework assignments, assignment due dates, quiz dates, and test dates...... THE SPRING 2006 SCHEDULE pops up-- with all the January, February, etc. dates assignments were due for the Spring Semester. I emailed the teacher at like 10:30 this morning, and a few others have posted on the "Post Questions for Teacher Here" message board in our virtual classroom --- NO response so far (it's 10:30 at night) and the wrong schedule/syllabus is still up. Needless to say, it's VERY FRUSTRATING! ARRRGGGHHH!

Like I said, though, I went ahead and dove into reading Chapter One like the syllabus/schedule said (even if it was for the Spring Semester). I figured the chances are pretty good that they will still want us to proceed with the readings in the same order as listed for Spring. Surely they'll have it fixed tomorrow, I would hope?! Anyway, in the off chance they do NOT want us to read chapter one, well, no biggie - it was a pretty short chapter with pretty basic stuff... most of which I remembered from watching The Discovery Channel anyway, hehe! ;-)

Anyway, regardless of this one minor, hopefully-very-soon-to-be-remedied glitch, I've really enjoyed myself so far. :-)~

Stay tuned for more updates!

UPDATE: 11:54 P.M. -- Just "had" to check the virtual classroom one more time, haha... there was a message up from the teacher that all the correct info will be up by tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, the teacher also confirmed that reading Chapter 1 was the right idea, haha. Now I also get to read Chapter 2. :-/


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