Monday, August 14, 2006

Gearing up for tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is the big day - my fasting day for the Rolling Victory Fast! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the idea of "no food for 24 hours." Ha! I eat when I'm hungry, I eat when I'm bored, I eat when there's a meeting here at work that leaves all kinds of yummy leftovers for us scavengers, er, secretaries... would be a shame to waste it all, you know... So far today, I've been "good" - trying to train myself to behave. I had a small snack this morning for breakfast, ate a cup of tomato soup and a grill cheese sandwich for lunch, and am reasonably determined to NOT snack on anything until I have a nice, normal dinner tonight. I read somewhere that when preparing for a fast, you should, in the days prior to the fast, cut back on the amount of food you normally eat, so as to acclimate your body to the idea of taking in less food. Yeah...OK. haha! Actually, it's not been too bad... more "appetite" (hey...that looks YUMMY!) than actual "hunger." Of course, now that I've written that, I'm actually hungry now, haha! Oh well, I'll eat soon enough when I get home. :) And, following the advice I've heard about fasting, I'll try to refrain from eating a giantic, humoungous meal before going to bed -- apparently, that makes you even hungrier the next day. So I'll just eat "normally" but not overdo it. Or so I hope, haha!

Anyway, tomorrow will be a very emotional day for sure. Yes, I am fasting in support of our troops, wherever they may be. However, I am also specially dedicating this 24-hour fasting period in honor of Sgt. Michael J. Stokely, who was KIA on August 16, 2005, in Yusufiyah, Iraq. So I'm sure there will be thoughts about Mike and tributes to him on this blog tomorrow, especially as the day winds to a close. Also, stay tuned to this blog on Wednesday - I will have a special tribute to Mike (not sure what that will be yet, but I'll think of something). Also on Wednesday, Robert Stokely, Mike's father, will be participating in the Rolling Victory fast. I've offered this blog to him should he have any thoughts he wishes to share with us on that most difficult day. He may or may not have thoughts to share. But regardless, he and his family will be in all of our thoughts and prayers that day, and I'm going to definitely encourage everyone to leave comments of love, prayer & support in the comments section on Wednesday for the Stokely family. More on that later. :)

Anyway, better run for now - gotta go do some work.


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