Monday, August 14, 2006

Too cute & funny! awwww...

OK, so here I am, chomping down on some last-minute Russell Stovers chocolate... Yummm....... My older kids were harrassing me about not being able to eat tomorrow...going on & on about it and how they are going to eat all kinds of things in front of me & whatnot. Well, my five year old starts digging around in her backpack.

"Squeaky!" Hubby says. "Why are you taking your school snacks out of your bagpack?!"

"Well, We're not eating tomorrow, right?!"

ROFLOL!!! awww...too cute! I told her, no, it's ONLY Mommy who is not eating tomorrow - everyone else gets to eat all they want. Then she real seriously said,

"But when does it [the fasting baton] get passed down to me? When is it my turn?"


I told her she can't have a turn, because it was for grown-ups to do. I told her she could have the very important job of eating "extra" for me on tuesday. Then she wanted to know, "How will I know when you are full if I do that, Mommy?!" ROFLOL and aawwww... again! I just told her, "when you are full, I'll be full!"

And now I have to fly off and let my 8 year old do his homework on the computer. I will be back once more before my fast begins... stay tuned, y'all!

Kat out!


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