Sunday, August 13, 2006

Update on Janis & Norris Galatas

Saturday night...August 12, 2006

Well hello friends and supporters. We are just waiting for the surgery on August 24th. Norris has been amazing...the surgeons said "no nicotine until after the surgery" and Norris just quit dipping. Just like that...he never complains, but he does chew a lot of gum. He was developing "foot drop" again on the right foot and stumbling a lot, so now he has his new brace that strengthens his foot and leg and holds his toe upright. He walks much better now. He has an appointment with the sleep clinic on Wednesday to see what they can do about his snoring and sleep apnea. The snoring has worsened after 16 surgeries and now he sleeps a lot during the day because he gets no rest at night.

I have made friends with the Koi in the pool out back and I bought some goldfish food for them. I enjoy watching them...they are beautiful and one unique one is butter yellow. The weather is cooler today and I didn't sweat as much. We finally found a REAL Bar-B-Que place in Georgetown! The name is "Old Glory" and it is right downtown on M Street in the tourist district. It has a huge bourbon bar (we stayed away from that but it was pretty) and the bar-b-que pork, chicken and brisket is delicious! They have six different sauces right there on the table and it has an "Elvis" flavor to the building. They even had fried green tomatoes and collard greens...both were delicious! Give them a try if you are ever in the neighborhood. After the two we have had trying to venture out for fine food, I am staying right here at Mologne House from now on! If I can't walk to it, I ain't goin' LOL! Norris is getting excited again about having the surgery and getting that abdomen closed up!

We will keep you posted. Thank you for your support and prayers. Janis


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