Sunday, July 09, 2006

"THANK YOU" from a Marine!

Our adopted Marine's grandma just called me. She said her grandson had called and asked her to call me with a message to relay to everyone who contributed cards for " Operation: Thanks for Freedom" that were recently sent out to Iraq and Afghanistan. (Well over 2,300 cards were collected!!! Thanks, y'all!)

Apparently, the box of well over 300 "4th of July" and "Thank you" cards that were shipped to Josh (our marine) reached there intact and on time (a miracle!)- and he and his whole unit are EXTREMELY appreciative!!! He said his commanding officer was just blown away by all the cards they got. He said to let everyone know HOW MUCH it meant to them, to hear from folks back home and how MUCH it encouraged them!!!!

Thanks, y'all! You rock! :)


PS - Christmas card gathering will begin in October - just FYI ;-)


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