Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Newest Excellent Adventure...

Well, it hasn't happened yet - but NEXT SATURDAY I'm OFF again on another MOST EXCELLENT adventure!!! Thankfully, this time it's "somewhat" local (well, sort of - ummm... well, it's in Georgia, at least, haha!) and a friend of ours is babysitting the kids for us, and this time hubby can come along too for the fun!!!!!!! I'm so excited I could just about POP! I can't believe everything has fallen into place to let this happen ~ I can't tell y'all what exactly I'm up to (though I know three of y'all know!) since it is, after all, a surprise, but suffice it to say - I'M TOTALLY PSYCHED!!!! :)

It's gonna be a looooonnnnnngggggg looooonnnnnnnggggg LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG WEEK!

Please pray that nothing goes wrong and that everything goes exactly right...!


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