Sunday, July 09, 2006


Melinda over at "Most Certainly Not" posted this today:

Seems the daring duo of Master Gunner and Cav Tanker have kicked off a Rolling Fast of their own. If you'd read reports that Cindy Sheehan had gone on a hunger strike and then read further where it's "rolling fast" in which she's only refraining from eating for 24 hours, you get the idea.

You can visit the Tanker Brothers' site, sign up for you own day to have the fasting baton passed to you. I'm in line for August 9th and am in good company! They will be leaving the post for the fast at the top of the site until they gather enough volunteers to hit September. So, scroll down if it isn't right at the top when you go.


I signed up to take August 15. I'm going to use that day as not only making a silent statement, but personally also in a biblical sense - as a day of *prayer* & fasting, too. I hope they send out a reminder email - I'm so ditzy & scatterbrained (and fond of food, haha) that I'll forget unless reminded!

They are trying to get up enough participants to go up on until September. So visit the above sites, and sign up for a day now.


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