Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking a stand ^j^

Heyyyyyyyy Kat: The brat is in the house. :) I am also signed up for the one day fast in support of our troops. What a surprise - my day is ahead of yours!!! I am on the 12th August, and like you, will be using that day not only to forgo food but also to 'chat' with God. I don't DO prayers - I chat all day long. Go figure.

As you know, as Soldiers Angels, we are always looking for different ways to support every single one of 'our' troops - this fasting is a GREAT idea.....when we read of what some of our guys and girls are going through, this seems like a small price for us to pay.

I am proud to stand wing tip to wing tip with you and ALL our Angels and troops. Thanks for the invitation to join YOUR blog - watch for my ramblings on THE day....the brat will be swooooooooooshing in throughout the day to tell you how it is going. Gotta run now (or fly!!) to fill up the coffee supplies ahead of time. We CAN do coffee - and this is a GOOD thing...

Keep your eyes open for the next flyby...... ^j^


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