Friday, July 28, 2006

SFC Norris Galatas Update July 28, 2006

Hello we scrambled to get everything done. I now have my orders, my ID, and Norris has only one more appointment for Monday with plastic surgery. We ventured out the front gates tonight and walked two whole blocks to a Chinese place. It also serves Bar-B-Que beef rib tips ( I got those) and fried shrimp platters (Norris got that) cheeseburgers, and all kinds of chicken. I did notice, though that the Washington Humane Society is right next door...those rib tips did look like dog, couldn't be. Ha Ha Ha. The fries were great and the egg rolls authentic. It was good. Kat's friend CJ is going to take us to see the Caisson horses tomorrow at Fort Myer. We could figure out how to get there on the bus, but there was no bus back to WRAMC! Go figure. We still have plans to get pizza Saturday night. Then we will settle down to rest up for the surgery. I am enjoying being back up here with the troops.
Thank you for your prayers and support.
Janis and Norris, WRAMC


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