Thursday, July 27, 2006

SFC Norris Galatas Update

The latest update on SFC Norris Galatas at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as given by his wife, Janis:
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Hey folks! I went to bed and forgot to send an entry! LOL! We did go by and meet Sessions....the Louisiana soldier who lost his stomach! He looks great. His mom is in Mologne House here. Dustin DeCol is also moving to Mologne House today. Dustin is much better. God answers prayers!
I met Dr. Olenshansky (Norris loves him...he is with the psychiatric team here) He brought Norris a cup of coffee as soon as he was allowed to eat and drink. Norris remembers that small act of kindness and fell in love with Dr. "O". Dr. O has sent Norris to several soldiers who have colostomys to counsel with them on how to care for it and how to expect accidents and deal with the humiliation of walking around with that nasty smelling bag! Norris has handled it all very well and is counting down the days to the surgery.
We didn't make it to Fort Myer yet...we need to go this weekend when we have a car. My sister Amy can take us. All this walking is causing my ankle and leg to give me problems. I've been resting it today. Seven days to go!
Janis at WRAMC


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