Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Norris Galatas Update: Tues, July 25

Here's the latest from Janis! :)

Hey friends...

Today I felt like Forest Gump...back at WRAMC for surgery ...again...no one has ever heard of me...again....running from place to place while people hunt for my paperwork...again. I should have orders by tomorrow afternoon. I did get my ID made, though...Norris was with me for that. He says that is the norm for up here. Norris has an appointment with plastic surgery Monday morning. I see I can't afford to eat in the dining hall. I had bar-b-que beef brisket, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, a piece of chocolate cake (for Norris) and a cranberry juice and it cost me $8.00! Our best restaurants back home could have served that for half that! So I will eat out of the fridge like Norris does...he has his meals paid for, but after two weeks in the chow hall, all the soldiers get tired of the same ole thing. They all eat breakfast and then find lunch and dinner elsewhere. There is a Burger King in Building One and the soldiers eat there a lot.

I met Ms. Rosemary (Norris's Case Manager) today and she is super! She loves jigsaw puzzels like me! We are going to Fort Myer tomorrow to see if we can see the Caisson horses. I can't believe "Black Jack" has been dead since 1976! The Caisson platoon always has a firery black horse which is riderless and has the boots turned backwards in honor of his fallen rider. I remember watching that prancing, dancing horse all during President Kennedy's funeral procession. By the end, he was lathered and exhausted, but he never stood still. The true indominable spirit. The newer horses are black, but they never matched Black Jack's fire.

We hope to meet Kat's soldier friend CJ on Friday. He comes regularly to visit soldiers up here and we look forward to meeting him.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Janis Galatas


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