Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And then there were seven....

Holy cow! This is too cool! I just called hubby for my daily mail check-in, haha, and guess what? I got a letter from one of last year's Marines who was previously stationed in Afghanistan... while he was there, we received one letter from him. Anyway, he went home in December, and then, according to his letter, volunteered to go to Iraq. !!!!! He said in his letter that he had misplaced our address, but that somehow, months and months after the fact, the Christmas card we sent to him mysteriously arrived & caught up with him - hence his letter to us!!!! Ummm... fate, anyone?! haha! Or God's way of saying, "Yo! Re-adopt this one, would ya?!" ;) Don't know how long he's been where he's at, but he'll only be there till Octoberish... so at best I have maybe three months within which to write to him as much as humanly possible!

I'm so excited... I get to re-adopt one of my babies! :) woohoo! That is, IF the return address didn't get mangled when hubby opened the envelope for me... if it's illegible, I'm gonna be totally devestated. :(


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