Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To Our Heroes - THANKS

To all of our soldiers
At home and abroad,
We want you to know
That we stand and applaud.

Your courage and strength
Your patriotic unity,
Your undying efforts
To help keep us free.

For risking your lives
So our Nation can grow,
We thank you so much
For the pride that you show.

Your are mothers and fathers
Daughters and sons,
Brothers and sisters
You all are great ones.

Our hearts are filled
With great love and pride,
We want you to know
That we stand by your side

We continue to pray
For your safe return home,
And we hope that you know
You are not alone
Although you are far
You remain in our hearts,
As the toils of your day
Keep us apart.

We know that your hearts
Will always ring true,
And ours the same
For all of you.

And one thing remains
The same for us all,
Our Flag will be flying
It never will fall.

Our hearts and our voices
Will always ring true,
To help you support
The Red, White and Blue.
Our Country is strong
Every step of the way,
Our people, our nation
We are the USA.

We pray everyday
May God give you guidance,
As you fight for our Nation
Against another's defiance.

We miss you, and love you
And want you to know,
We will stand behind you
Wherever you go.

We want you to know
For all that you do,
We open our hearts
And send this Thank You.

Thank You for serving
Stand tall and true,
And return to us safely
For the Red, White and Blue.

By Holly Lueneburg
Copyright 2003


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