Thursday, February 23, 2006


That's it, i've had it. I'm stressed. I'm OUTTA HERE!!!!!

Well, ok, not AND hubby are OUTTA HERE! Kids will be staying with various relatives (when ya have four kids, ya gotta divide 'em up, cuz no ONE relative is gonna be crazy enuff to take ALL of them at the same time!), and we are going to GATLINBURG, TN for the weekend!!!! We will be departing Loganville Friday evening after I get home from work, and returning sometime Sunday evening. It's a four-to-five-hour drive from here to there.

Saturday morning, not sure what we are doing - probly the usual tourist thing. Saturday late afternoon, we are gonna catch the show at The Comedy Barn, which, according to the website, is "America's Funniest Variety Show." I've been before, and it actually is really funny! Some of the same folks that produced that TV Show "Hee-haw" produce this, haha - so that gives you a clue what it's like, hahahaha! Then, immediately after The Comedy Barn show is over, we are heading over to The Dixie Stampede, which neither me nor hubby have been to. It's some kind of combination between a four-course dinner and a rodeo-type show of some sort, hahaha! When you make reservations, they ask you, "Do you want to sit on the "North" side of the room or the "South" side of the room?" Well, DUH...of COURSE I said SOUTH! There's some kinda Southern-Northern rivalry thing that goes on during the dinner show, apparently, hahaha. Hmmm.... wonder what I did with that rebel flag of mine...hmmm.... hahaha! At some point this weekend, I hope we can visit the Ripley's Aquarium, which is flippin' AWESOME! There's this moving sidewalk type thing you get on, and it takes you thru a clear, underwater tunnel.... and you see sharks and other big & little fishies & critters swimming beside you and over you as you go thru. It's COOL.

So, I won't be around this weekend. Please post a buncha comments while I'm gone, so I feel all missed & loved when I return. :) hahha...yeah, right...if I hadn'ta posted, y'all would never even known I was gone, hahahaha! ;-)

Anyway, I'll take lotsa pics while we are there, and get 'em posted ASAP upon my return. It's a good thing I got hubby a digital camera for valentine's day - otherwise, horror of horrors...I'd have to wait a whole week or so before I could torture y'all with vacation pictures cuz I'd have to send 'em off for developing, etc.

So, later, y'all! And to all my soldiers/marines/etc out there, whether "adopted by snail mail" or "adopted by blog" -- Y'ALL STAY SAFE. We'll be prayin' for ya - even in Gatlinburg. :-) To all my five or six loyal readers out there that "haunt" the same milblogs I do, leave a comment or two for me, OK? Can't have my "adopted by blog" soldiers/marines/whatever feelin' neglected while we're outta town!


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