Wednesday, February 15, 2006

~Need some Ideas!~ *EXTREMELY special project*

Hello... I'm calling on my five or six loyal, wonderful readers out there for ideas. I blatantly stole this basic concept from a friend of mine in an MSN troop support group, hahaha...but I'm snitching her idea and elaborating on it. I've only just been thinking about this for the past 24 hours, so I don't have much by way of ideas yet. And I won't start actually working on this project - i.e., asking for y'all's participation, again - till March... but I'm trying to plan in advance, so I can make this GOOD.

As for what the heck I'm doing, well, dang it, I can't rightly say here on this blog, because at least one of the intended recipients of this latest, future project has been known to pop by here from time to time. Which will make getting y'all involved something of a challenge, hehehe. But I'll figger it out somehow! ;-) I will say this, though... it is an EXTREMELY special project... probably the MOST special project I've ever, ever done in my entire life... it's got to be GOOD, y'all... And no, this time, it's NOT for a deployed hero, nor is it for a returning soldier, nor a current veteran... though it IS most definitely soldier-related.

Anyone out there wanting more information about what I'm up to now (or rather, what i'm about to be up to, in a couple weeks) please email me at: If you happen to be into scrapbooking, or writing/poetry, or other creative stuff, that will be a big help - BUT EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT INTO ANY OF THAT STUFF, please email me cuz I'm sure you will have a thought or an idea or something that will spark a thought or idea that will contribute greatly to this project. Oh yeah, and of course I'll have to swear you to absolute, utter secrecy about this.....!

And like I said, it is EXTRA special... and I hope I'm able to round up a good response to this one...

OK, y'all goin nuts with curiosity yet?! ;-)


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