Tuesday, February 14, 2006

~Remember to Breathe~

OK, I promised myself i would NOT post about this UNLESS i knew for sure one way or the other...but the "not knowing" is torture, and it's driving me batty... so I'm calling on all five of my readers to please pray pray pray over the next few weeks. This has been 'around' for several days now, but I only recently have been able to share this with anyone... I'm pasting below a somewhat edited version of an email I sent to a friend, asking for prayer. Please keep us in prayer over the next several weeks. It COULD BE 'nothing' -- or not.

OK, here's the scoop… .the initial shock, horror & gut-wrenching panic have faded, leaving in its place a numbness and deep-seated, albeit quieter, form of terror, and I now have permission to share this prayer request.

The prayer request is for hubby. Initial tests have shown that there is a 65% likelihood that he has prostate cancer. He is undergoing more testing next later this week…Friday, 2/17, he meets with his doc to discuss the results of those tests. Based on those test results, it will be determined whether or not he goes for a biopsy. Hubby is all of 40 years old… so to say this was a shock is a massive understatement. Of course, it 'could be' other things, too… but right now, we don't know. And the not knowing is the worst thing in the world. And, to make matters more fun...he has no health insurance. Right now that's the least of my worries, tho!

Hence, why I dropped my classes this semester. Did I tell y'all that? Yep, I dropped my classes, I totally could not concentrate. I could NOT focus on school and worry about this too at the same time. If it's not cancer, then yay, I can go back in the summer or the fall. If it IS cancer, well, then, it's good I went ahead and dropped.

So ~ that's my life at the moment. Thanks much for your prayers, they are very appreciated!

P.S. -- VERY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT... if anyone out there happens to have any contact with any of my soldiers, PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THIS. I DO NOT WANT THEM TO WORRY... and believe me...they WOULD worry!!! My "babies" have to worry about staying alive and not getting shot or blown up, they DO NOT need to worry about THIS. So PLEASE do not even "accidently" let it slip, OK?! I do NOT want them to know even a tiny bit of this until well after they are home...if even then. MY job is to worry about THEM - not the other way around!

OK, now maybe i can sleep. :-) Luv y'all!


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