Friday, February 17, 2006

Update re: Hubby's Health

OK, we still don't know anything for sure. Hubby went to doc today. Doc says that he didn't "feel" any knots or tumors or anything, BUT that doesn't mean there's no cancer there. (but it still makes me feel a LOT better, at least for the moment!) He is running some MORE blood tests. Apparently, based on THOSE results, we'll see if doc thinks biopsy is warranted. He has also prescribed hubby some sort of medicine that, if it is something other than cancer, could help whatever the other problem may be.

So - still clueless, still in the "don't know zone"! Confused

It's gonna be a LONG two weeks till his next doctor appointment......

I truly appreciate the prayers!!!!

REMINDER....NOT ONE WORD TO "THE OUTLAW," OK? Can't have a worried Hero, that just wouldn't do a'tall!


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