Thursday, January 05, 2006


A few weeks ago I posted HERE about needing ideas to get some "north georgia snow" to my adopted hero. Well, I finally came up with a little something and sent it off to him... hehehe... he loved it!!!! Made my day! Happy soldier = happy Momma Kat! :-) I've had an excruciatingly CRAPPY the EXTREME.... it's just been horrible... SO BOY OH BOY DID I NEED TO HEAR THAT HE LOVED IT & GOT A LAUGH OUT OF IT!! :-) Totally made my day, completely. :-)

Next week is gonna be INSANE... i start college back on Tuesday... I'm taking American Literature I online (i HATE online classes) and then "Intro to Forensic Science" on Tuesday nights from 7-9:45 pm. It is a non-lab class, and i needed another non-lab science, and i love "forensic files" on TV, haha... so there ya go! :-) So, not only do I start class next week, later in that week I'm also embarking on another Excellent Adventure that is gonna be INCREDIBLY FUN!!! Will tell you about it...ummmm... when I get back hehehe! :-)


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