Friday, December 16, 2005

Need Creative Ideas for my Hero!!!!

OK, y'all.... I'M ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need y'all's creative help here!!!!!!!! So, I got home from college last night after my last final exam (made a B on that stupid research paper on Hamlet by the way... yay!) and I got this email from Dear Hero:


What more could you possibley do for us that you hav'nt already? I can't think of anything. Well,I can think of one thing.... Send me a bucket of "North Georgia" snow!!!

OK, so.... I NEED IDEAS!!! DEAR HERO WANTS SNOW... SO BY GOD, DEAR HERO WILL GET SNOW!!!!!!! I know places like Hobby Lobby sell bags of fake snow (note to self...go there THIS WEEKEND...before the christmas/holiday winter stuff is gone....)... OK, so then, there's snow globes from dollar stores... and then, maybe get a little jar or something (OK, plastic, non=breakable soda bottle) with a bit of water in it, with the words, "NORTH GEORGIA SNOW" written on the outside. So....what else can i throw in there?????????? Come on my dear loyal readers, all five of you.... I need your creativity to help me out here... my brain is frazzled from finals!!!! :-)

Please post any brillilant (and preferably, inexpensive, since I'm broke) ideas in the comments section... I will be most eternally grateful to you all! :)


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