Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thank you from a Soldier

Well, I got an email from my Ga. Nat'l Guard 48th BCT Soldier today ~ the Christmas cards I sent to his platoon on 11/30 got there on 12/14!!!!! :-) I had a big ole envelope for each individual guy in the platoon, all sixteen of 'em... each guy got no less than 60 cards each (and, of course, my "officially adopted" soldier got more like 100... yeah, blatant favoritism, haha!) Anyway, I got an email from him today and wanted to pass his thanks along to y'all. We will begin Valentine's collection on January 1 ~ more info to follow!

THANKS Y'ALL for all you've done to help make our heroes' Christmas a bit brighter!!!!

Thank you,thank you,and thank you. Also, thank all that helped in this card drive for us....We are just overwhelmed!!!! Damnit girl,you are truly an ANGEL!!!!

Woohoo! I officially declare "Operation Christmas Surprise" a very thorough SUCCESS!!!!!!! :)

Hat's off to ALL OF Y'ALL!!!!!

Thank you for making my dear heroes happy... there is no greater gift y'all could have given! :-)

P.S. ~ just chatted with Jose from "my" platoon on Instant Messenger...he asked me to make sure for me to tell y'all THANK YOU specifically from him.... He really, really appreciates all the cards y'all sent! So, "Thank you!" from Jose! :-)


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