Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hello, all! Just popping by with a Hearts for Heroes update. As you know, the deadlline for getting cards (to Kat Orr, Hearts For Heroes, 740 Thompson Lane, Loganville, GA 30052) and emails (to to me is JANUARY 28, 2006 (Saturday) as they are getting boxed up that weekend and shipped out on 1/30. However, unfortunately, the response so far has been... well, very low. :-( I have gotten cards from people, don't get me wrong...but unfortunately, that would be very, very few people so far. :-( A MILLION BILLION THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE SENT CARDS AND EMAILS... Y'ALL ARE AWESOME AND I SOOOOOOOO APPRECIATE IT! (SK, did I tell you I got yours yesterday? They are awesome, thanks!)

Anyway, I'm in dire need of V-day cards for my heroes... so I'm absolutely BEGGING for y'all to please please please send me what you can... even an email is just fine if you don't have time for actual cards/"paper" letters, I promise it is! :-) We are really getting down to the wire now, though, so I'm begging, grovelling even... for all pertinent details about Hearts for Heroes, please check out this post. And if y'all could do anything to get the word out, copy that post and forward it to your friends, etc... I would be so appreciative! We just don't have much time left... our guys need some "TLC" and encouragement, ya know?!


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