Sunday, January 22, 2006

Get Ready, Get Set....

Well, today I went on a shopping spree at Wally-world! I'm gearing up for my latest baking blitz ~ 25 lbs of flour, 20 lbs of sugar, various and sundry "valentine/heart/etc" sugar sprinkles for decorations... plus 16 valentine-themed cookie tins! :-)

One of my Partners-in-Crime from Angels 'n Camouflage will be driving down here from SC on Friday... and Saturday, God help us all, we are going to be baking... all.... day...... long....... twenty.... dozen..... sugar...... cookies....... and on Sunday, we will box up all the Valentine's cards & email that I've collected (keep sendin' 'em folks! We're gettin there!!!!! :) ) together with the results of our kitchen (mis) adventure on Saturday.... and off to Iraq they will go on Monday! :-)

So... I may not be around much next weekend. In fact, I probably WON'T be around much next weekend. And should you hear mysterious thundrclaps and see various lightning bolts zig-zagging around... you'll know me and my P-I-C are just up to something, as usual. :-)


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