Monday, January 23, 2006


AWRIGHT! WAY TO GO, Y'ALL!!! I came home today to about FIVE BIG FAT ENVELOPES filled with Valentine's cards for my "soldier-babies"!!! :-) Two were from two different Girl Scout Troops in Florida, one was from a lady here in Georgia, and the others were from various locations around the U.S. that I can't recall right now cuz I'm so tired, haha! :) Anyway... it was awesome! I also got TWO HUGE BOXES from my dear friend Janis in Meridian, Mississippi, one containing over 70 and one containing over 80 cards (somewhere in that neighborhood..braindead..) ~ u go girl! :-) I've received more Valentine emails to my account and have duly printed out SEVERAL copies of each and gotten them all divvied up for shipping. :)

We still have a few days to go yet, so if you haven't sent something in, feel free to do so! The deadline for snail mail is SATURDAY JANUARY 28 (it's all getting boxed up Sunday night) and the deadline for email is Sunday night, January 29. Snail Mail Addy: Kat Orr, Hearts For Heroes, 740 Thompson Lane, Loganville, Georgia, 30052.

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, all you wonderful people who have participated and helped get the word out!!!!

Yep, I'm feelin' the luv... and more importantly, our heroes will, too. :-)

UPDATE JANUARY 25, 2006: HOLY COW... got TONS of cards today... a couple hundred I'm guessing at least! Plus, altogether, almost $40 for shipping (I can guarantee every bit of it WILL be needed for shipping all these cards!!! I learned that over Christmas, hahaha!) and one book of stamps from a friend!!! woohoo!!!! This is awesome!!! Also got a couple more emails to the yahoo account....

THANK Y'ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!! Keep 'em comin' folks... y'all are awesome!!!!!


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