Sunday, December 25, 2005

So excited!!! *paces*

OK, y'all remember that way back in October, I posted HERE about a super-sneaky project I've been working on for my Local Adopted Hero ~ I dubbed the project, "Operation Christmas Surprise!" It was (in case you don't have time to go back and read the previous posts about it!) a super-special Christmas gift I put together for him. :-) I sent it to The Sandbox with strict instructions not to open till Christmas. He told me yesterday he's gonna open it Christmas afternoon or evening ('Sandbox time,' not EST).

Well, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!! And I'm WAITING (un-)patiently!!!! hahaha!!! I am SO EXCITED... I just can't wait.... I'm more excited about Local Dear Hero getting his gifts than I am about anything else I got, hahahaha! :-)

Argh... I hope I hear from him before I have to go to the inlaws' house, hahahaha... cuz we're gonna be there for HOURS.. .and in addition to the torture of being there at all, hahaha, I'll be tortured with wanting to hear his reaction to his gifts!!!!! :-)

As soon as I hear from him, I can then tell you all about exactly what I've been up to for the past 2 or 3 months or so, hahahahaha! :-)

Oh yeah, and Santa Clause was nice to me this year!, I mean SANTA, brought me stuff for making my crafts/cards/scrapbooks, a new purse, and best of all....

Mr. GreenMr. Green Mr. GreenMr. Green TWO HUNDRED STAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

*Kat purrs happily* Mr. Green That will keep me set for a little while on postage!
Mr. Green

OK... back to pacing and watching the clock and checking my email obsessively!!!!! Ya know what?! Giving really IS way more fun than receiving!!!!!
Mr. GreenMr. GreenMr. GreenMr. Green


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