Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Operation Christmas Surprise!"

Hello, y'all! You all may remember that way back in October, I posted HERE about a "Christmas Surprise" I've planned for one of my adopted Heroes. :-) I just LOVE to surprise people, nothing in the world is more fun. :-)

Anyway, NO, I still can't tell y'all what the super-secret, special surprise is, not till after Christmas. HOWEVER, I can tell you that the super-special Christmas gifts (all three) have arrived safely in the Sandbox. Somehow, I got Outlaw to promise NOT to open them till Christmas day... and, to further convince me that he really will wait till Christmas, haha, I got a pic of him in my email yesterday, holding all three of my Secret Gifts and a sign that said: "I WILL OPEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY! I PROMISE!!" I got it in writing now, hahaha.... And, before ya yell at me for being a meanie, I sent TONS of Christmas gifts over there besides those, that he COULD (and did) open when he got them. So that should help tide him over some. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to post about it again, just because I'm REALLY REALLY excited about it ~ because I just LOVE to surprise people... and HOPEFULLY this will make his Christmas super-good... at least, as good as it can possibly be there in the middle of hell.....!

Stay tuned........


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