Monday, October 17, 2005

*Plotting and Planning....*

*Evil Kat Grin* Oh goody, this is so cool.... I just LOVE planning surprises for people! I have a reputation for going to extraordinary lengths to plan elaborate, wonderful surprises for people ~ I just positively LIVE for this kinda thing!!!!

Now, what am I plotting and planning, might you ask?! I've concocted an idea for a really (I hope) AWESOME Christmas gift for one of my adopted Heroes. However, can't say any more than that because there's that one-in-a-gazillion, ever-so-extremely-remote chance that the aforementioned Hero might actually wander by and read my lill blog ~ and I just can't take the risk (no matter how extremely remote!) of the details of my super-sneaky plan being discovered! So why post anything at all, might you ask?

BECAUSE I'M TOTALLY PSYCHED AND HYPER AND JUST HAD TO TELL SOMEBODY about it, well, sort of, haha!!!! *bounces of the walls* (then, there's always the depressing chance what I have in mind won't work out ~ and I'd hate to say, "I'm going to do "this" for "this person's" Christmas gift," and have it not work out, ya know? That would just be mean.)

It'll probably be a good two weeks (or possibly more, but hopefully sooner, rather than later) until I can get The Plan in motion ~ waiting to hear from my Accomplice, my co-conspirator, for some certain information. Then, I can get to work.... muwhahahahahahaaha!!!! :-)

I feel like a kid at Christmas ~ I just LOVE to surprise people! *bounces around room*

There, now that I've annoyed the living daylights out of all of you, haha...time for me to go study for my lit test. blah. Planning super-sneaky surprise christmas gifts is MUCH more fun......!


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