Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cards Are Flooding In!

Wow, I’m getting a GREAT response to my Christmas card collecting campaign!  Every day I’ve been getting big, fat envelopes (and sometimes even boxfuls!) of cards!!!!  Today I received close to 100 from someone; just got an email from someone else who said they mailed “a little over 100” priority mail today!!!  KEEP ‘EM COMIN’, FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guarantee you: there is NO WAY I could possibly end up with “too many!”  Remember, these are being divided up amongst three units, so more is always better! I’ve also set up a special email account to collect email greetings:  So if you are not able to send “real” cards, an email greeting will work just fine.

Thank you all SOOOOOOOOOOO much for all your help ~ you are all wonderful angels and I just love you all!

OK, enough mushy stuff.. I have a research paper to finish (er…that should be, START…yikes…so behind… yikes!).

Thanks, guys…y’all are doin’ great!

Luv, Kat

PS… IN JANUARY I WILL BEGIN A VALENTINE’S CARD COLLECTION CAMPAIGN… stay tuned for more details (to be posted AFTER Christmas, haha)!!!!


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