Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Local DJ heads to Iraq!

Wow, way cool... Ray Mariner of the Cindy & Ray Show is, as I type this, on his way to Iraq. He will be hooking up with Georgia's 48th National Guard BCT in order to tell their stories ~ and, of course, provide a morale boost to our local heroes! I believe he's gonna be there for ten days or so, hanging out at Camp Stryker. I have an adopted Soldier (thru Angels 'n Camouflage) who is with the 48th ~ he's stationed @ Camp St. Michael. Drat, it would be really cool if he could meet Ray (though I doubt he listens to Star 94 ~ he likes country and classic rock! Then again, so do I...heck, I listen to EVERYTHING!!!! Including, OF COURSE, the Cindy & Ray Show during my agonizingly long commute home each day.)

Anyway, here's the link to their blog: I'm also gonna put in in my sidebar somewhere.

Yay for Ray... God bless, and tell those guys we love them and are proud of them!!!!!


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