Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So Relieved!

For almost three weeks, the silence had been deafening.

Each morning, the first thing I do is stumble out of bed and wobble over to the computer to check my email and my blogs (No, I'm not an internet addict, honest, really....). Frequently, several time per week, I find an email from one of our family's adopted (by email only) soldiers waiting for me. :-) Besides being really cool, it is very reassuring to see that he's OK! :-)

Then, for over two weeks, he disappeared on me!

Of course, I've been adopting soldiers now for about five years, and I know the drill. My adopted kids are almost always 100% silent; a few email once or twice during their deployment, and extremely rarely, I'll get one that emails sporadically ever couple months as time permits. (This one that emails several times a week is definitely a rarity, and a true gem!) I KNOW they tend to 'drop off the planet' for weeks if not months at a time, what with working around the clock, saving the world, dodging bullets, and leaping tall buildings in a sinigle bound and all... ;-) So, logically, I know that the disapperance just means, "He's busy!"

Of course, the "mom" in me immediately thinks, OMG ~ Busy is BAD. At least, in a war zone it is. And most certainly when you are in a high-combat area! Logic tells me, "Chill out, chick! He's fine!" "Momma Kat" responds.... "I'll believe it when I see it!"

And so followed 2+ weeks of irrational worry and insomnia, together wtih obsessive email-checking around the clock. I was petrified that there was a "communciations blackout" and that one of my "kids" in that unit had been lost. Then I was petrified something had happened to my "adopted email kid," or the dear Chaplain who so kindly hands out all the cards and stuff I send them... "Cool-headed logic" and "Momma Kat irrational over-protective-worry" really went head-to-head these past several days ~ guess which side won?! hahaha! ;-)

However, thanks be to God, I got up this morning, and lo and behold, I had an email in my emailbox from my Mysteriously Vanishing Kid ~ and, thank God, he's alive, well, and apparently even in one piece still. :-)


And so, all is right with my world again!!!! :-)


Georgia Blogger