Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Gosh, I am such a total dingbat. I just now discovered that my blogger account was using my old hotmail account...which i never, ever ever use anymore. So, a few people had emailed me like WEEKS ago, and I just now got their email. :-( Anyway, I have changed my email addy in my profile, so if you click on the link that says "email" it will actually go to the correct email!!! Novel concept, eh?!

Anyway, just to make absolutely sure all 5 of my readers have my email, LOL, it is: JEFFSKAT@GMAIL.COM (not hotmail, that was my old email, LOL).

*sigh* Sorry about that, y'all!

Now, off to read the wonderful story of Gilgamesh for tomorrow's lit class....


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