Thursday, September 08, 2005

Homework time!

Oh goody... (insert sarcasm here, lOL). I finally got my assignment for my Honors World Literature research paper tonight. For three weeks, I've been eagerly awaiting receiving this, not because I love writing research papers (truth be told, I HATE the things, LOL...which causes me to seriously question my current chosen career goal of attorney....but that's another post for another day, LOL)... rather, because I want to GET STARTED ON IT right away. See, last semester, for the first time ever, I was required to write a research paper on a piece of literature (actually, a play: The Piano Lesson by August Wilson). And, to write well about it, I had to read that play over and over and over again... either 5 or 6 times all together, not including the "skimming, looking for that passage i'm thinking of but can't quite remember where the heck it is..." So, since I know that I'll need to read, and re-read, and re-re-read whatever piece of literature I pick, and then read it yet again, I wanna get started, cuz I know that the probability is that whatever I pick will be at least as long as, if not longer than, The Piano Lesson. Meaning it will take longer to read, analyze, etc. (I'm an English major, BTW). So... here I am, hoping for lots of detailed instructions... like, a list of works to choose from (like my last English class, and my friend in a different English class), along with some idea of exactly what the Dr. is looking for. So, I get my handout tonight:

OK, so i got my assignment for my World Lit research paper tonight.

  • One research paper, 2,250 to 3,000 words (easy! I have a hard time with short papers)
  • Six to 8 secondary sources
  • any literary work from 0 to 1700.

and that's it!

I asked the teacher for more specifics, and she said I could write about just about any topic I wanted to, about any piece of literature within that time frame. Ah, freedom..... *sigh* LOL!!! I gotta figure out exactly WHAT piece of literature to write about, and furthermore, exactly WHAT I want to write about, LOL. Made all the more challenging by the fact that unlike almost everyone else in my class (there's a whopping 10 ppl in the Lit Honors class) I've literally never read ANY of this stuff before (with the exception of the Bible and the Koran) ~ I dropped out of high school WAY, WAY before I got to any of this, LOL!!!!! Never even read Romeo and Juliette, LOL!!!! (Of course I know the story, LOL, but never read it or even seen a cheesy high school production of it, LOL).

So, now the fun begins!


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