Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This Poem Seemed Appropriate

I wrote this in Feb 2001 when I was going thru major amounts of hell in my life... and now, it seems appropriate to post it again, what with the hurricane and the 4th Anniv. of 9/11 being on Sunday, and all.... it just seems to fit.

In the Mist

Broken and bleeding
kneeling I come
My life lies before You
my world undone
In the gray mist,
I seek Your Face
amidst the eerie stillness
of this place
where silence and sound
hide You from view
to fall on my knees
is all I can do
Reaching out in this blinding unknown
I am held tightly by Your Hand,
I’m not alone
Though Your Face is hard to see
You are here close by me
Come what may, bad or good
on Your Promises I have stood
Never have You failed,
Never will you yet
No matter how good or bad things get
You have our future,
You have a plan
You have us all
held gently in Your Hand.

Kathy Ann Orr
Copyright ©2005 Kathy Ann Orr
All Rights Reserved


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