Friday, September 16, 2005

Guess I'll Jump on the SPF Bandwagon...

Sure, why not, LOL!!!! May as well jump into the Self-Portrait Fridays along with the rest of the blogosphere, LOL! Though I really don't have that many pics of me, LOL... so we'll see how long THIS lasts! LOL! This is a pic of me in late May or early June, when I was doing a card-collecting campaign at my church. About 4 times a year, pastor graciously allows me to set up a table in the lobby and collect cards to send to my guys. This card-collection was to help them celebrate the 4th of July ~ and let 'em know how much we appreciate them! :-)

Spent over two hours making that sign that's behind me, LOL! Three weeks later, it ended up in the trash once the collection was over, LOL, because it was "seasonally appropriate" and won't work for the Christmas campaign... which should happen beginning late october/early november ~ pending pastor ben's approval, of course. :-)


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