Friday, September 16, 2005

"American Soldier" is back from duty in New Orleans...

Howdy, everyone! I survived my lit test ok last night ~ I feel pretty confident about it (which typically means I did WAY worse than I thought, LOL!) Anyway, she gave us a take-home essay question that is due Tuesday. As long as I do ok on that portion, I *think* the test will be a good grade... I hope! Yikes!

OK, now on to the truly IMPORTANT stuff! You remember that a couple of weeks ago, American Soldier valiantly postponed much-needed shoulder surgery in order to voluntarily go down to New Orleans to help the hurricane victims. Well, he's back now, and you can read of his adventures HERE and see some pictures of the devestation he witnessed. It is truly a very moving post ~ have a Kleenex handy.

Many thanks to A.S. & family ~ true American Heroes in my book! :-)

OK, now all five of you readers out there ~ hop to it & get over to A.S.'s blog... and don't forget to say THANKS to him. :)


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