Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Prayers for Hurricane victims

OK, I know this is late, shoulda posted this sooner...things have been hectic & I haven't had a chance till now. I just wanted to post a prayer request for one of my adopted soldiers...

I recently adopted a National Guard kid, from a Combat Engineering bunch (if I remember right...don't have my info right in front of me). Well... it just so happens that he ~ and that entire unit ~ is based out of MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI, which was hit by Hurricane Katrina. :-( I'd like to ask for prayers for these guys' families, and of course, for the soldiers ~ can you imagine the feelings of helplessness and fear, being thousands of miles away and unable to know if your family is OK, and wondering whether or not you'll have a home to go to once you finish your year-long deployment?! What a nightmare.....!

And of course, I am keeping ALL the huricane (and, in our case here in GA, tornado) victims in my prayers. What a horrific tragedy, so heartbreaking!

UPDATE ~ CJ at A Soldier's Perspective has posted several links that provide you with the opportunity to do something to help the victims of this hellish hurricane. I encourage anyone who reads this to please visit his site and make a donation to any one of the reputable charitable organizations he has linked on his site.


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