Saturday, August 27, 2005


OK, before you read any further, GO NOW AND GET A TISSUE. God knows I needed one. If reading THIS (especially while listening to the song playing on my blog!) doesn't make you want to get busy writing soldiers and showering them with support & TLC, I don't know what will.

Got this email today from a chaplain of a unit that our church collected cards for a few months ago.

Dear Kat and Jeff: I just wanted to send a note to let you know we received and distributed the cards and notes you sent. Thanks for your kindness and for letting us know we are not forgotten. ..... we have taken many casualties (about 25 KIAs and ten times that number WIAs). We have the grizzly task of renovating a country (while fighting an insurgency war) and renovations are never pleasant or pretty. Kat and Jeff, you would greatly help us if you and the folks at church would remember us in prayer – especially for the next few weeks. .............we badly need God's help and protection. Please pray for the safety of our soldiers and the success of this upcoming mission. Thanks and God bless.


~K said...

Tissue alert for sure Kat. I got goosebumps reading that. When you write back, send my love and prayers along with your please.

Kat said...

Done! :-) I wish I'd saved his snail-mail address. :-( I'm gonna dig around some and see if i put it somewhere I forgot about, LOL ` if i can find it, he's getting MORE letters!!!!

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