Saturday, August 27, 2005

AN AWESOME, "Angelic" Afternoon

Wow, where do I even BEGIN to write about this afternoon?! Today was the much-anticipated get-together for us Georgia "Angels 'n Camouflage." I've only been an "Angel" for about a month, maybe just a little longer (I could go to the AnC forum and look to see what date I joined, LOL, but I'm too lazy at the moment, LOL!), but already I feel like I'm part of an awesome family (Right, ~k?!)!!! It is not an unfamiliar feeling, as I've been with Adopt-a-Platoon for 5 years ~ it's that same kind of deep, family-like bond you get when you connect with others who are passionate about the same things you are passionate about ~ in my case, that would be SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS and HONORING OUR VETERANS!

I drove out to Angel Tabatha's gorgeous home, which turned out to be only an hour from where I live. And, miracle of miracles, I didn't even get lost!!!! *faints* Angel Ashley was there, also, and the true Guest of Honor was the AnC Veteran's Liason, Barney from Texas! He is a dear man who fought in Vietnam, and does SO MUCH to help other veterans. He kept insisting that he "wasn't a hero," but I beg to differ ~ In my book (and the other Angels'!) he most certainly IS!!! The hours just FLEW by as we ate super-yummy food and talked, and listened...several times Barney's words brought me to tears. It was heartbreaking to hear about his return home from Vietnam, and the way people at the airport treated him so cruelly! One of my life's missions is to make DARN sure that that type of thing NEVER happens again!

Dang... makes me wish my camouflage "wings" were much bigger.... I can only do so very little to help support our troops, so very little, and there is so very much I'd love to do!!!! Our troops need to know that we support them and are praying for them and have not forgotten them... the need is so great, and my wings are so small... if only I could do more!!!!!

Well, I have to run for now...homework is calling me (thought I'm pretending not to listen, it refuses to go away, LOL).

Love you all... and PLEASE ~ do SOMETHING to show our troops you care. Write, email, post a comment on a milblog, just ANYTHING to say THANK YOU.


PS ~ the Chaplain Major who sent me teh email posted below, emailed me back. I'm going to be writing a bunch of letters to send out his way on Monday. So, if anyone wants to send me emails that I can print off to include with my letters, I'll be happy to include them. Just send any emails of SUPPORT (nothing negative!) to and I'll print them and add them to the batch I'm sending.

This will be an ONGOING project, so feel free to CONTINUE sending me emails, to send to the Chaplain/Major, to distribute to the guys.

Thanks so much.


Sandra said...

Hi, Kat! AnC_Sandra here ... It sounds like y'all had a wonderful afternoon together. I am sooo jealous! *wink* I wanted so badly to be able to go, but after going last month and meeting the angels at Tabby's house, I couldn't financially swing it again so soon. (Gas prices being so high right now, you know ... *sigh*) Glad y'all had a pleasant time and that you got to meet and spend so much time with our precious Sheik,Barney! :o) Next year we are going to try to get everyone together again next July, so start planning for it now.


~K said...

Yes, I am jealous as well, ~lip pout~. I wish I could go visit. I Will make plans to make it in July. That sounds great. But flying in a plane, YIKES!!!
You have to e-mail me about EVERYTHING Kat.
I will get together an e-mail so you can send it out. Thanks for that. Hugs to you. Have I told you just how much I appreciate you Kat?
Well I do.~K.

Kat said...

*blushes* aw, shucks, ~k! I don't do much anything to be appreciated FOR! LOL **YOU'RE** the one that deserves the appreciation, LOL ~ my blog would be link-less and music-less without you! LOL! :-)

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