Friday, December 12, 2008

No Christmas Tree This Year

Apparently, lights on a Christmas tree run up the power bill too much, so I've been banned/forbidden from getting one (or even having the fake tree taken down off the highest shelf in the shed, where I can't reach/climb etc). No lights on the house and outside shrubs, I could live with. No tree?

That's just WRONG. And depressing. What's christmas, without a freakin' tree?!



Ruth said...

Try doing what we did one year at the suggestion of our 6 year old son. He suggested that since Christmas is really all about Jesus birth and since He was the greatest gift of all sent to us by his Father....then his (my son's Daddy) should build a manger and so we could put our gifts for one another around the manger. We had a little Betsy-Wetsy Doll that we swaddled up in a receiving blanket and laid in the manger crib, hung a big star covered in tin foil over the manger (made with weathered wood) and had garland streaming from the star to the corners of the crib. Our whole family (hubby, myself and three boys) thought that was an excellent idea, so we also made our own hand made gifts and presented them to each other on Christmas Eve. We also dressed up in costumes that I made for the boys.....eldest son (11 yrs old) was a king and the two younger ones(six and three yrs. old were shepherds, of course Daddy was dressed up like Joseph and I dressed up like Mary. We all gathered around (knelt) the coffee table and Daddy read the Christmas Story from the Bible. What a great Christmas we all had.

Jesus was the greatest gift of all to mankind...sent straight to us from His Father's heart to redeem us all from a world of sin, that would believe in His only begotten son.

Try it and find out what a blessing this Christmas can be without a Christmas Tree for your family.

God Bless you and your little family Kat.

((Hugs)) to you all,
a 'Blue Star Mom'

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